July 28 – Sydney and Blue Mountains

Transferred by ground to Sydney (shorter bus ride). Students hiked in the Blue Mountains National Park.


2 responses to “July 28 – Sydney and Blue Mountains

  1. While stopping to eat some lunch, we also did a hike in the Blue Mountains at a place called The Three Sisters. Although we only hiked down the mountain it was no easy task! The incline down was very steep and close to 1000 steps! Having personally almost fallen three times I can say that it was a challange but the breathtaking views were worth it! Not only were the views beautiful it is also claimed a world heritage site; so we were able to see and hear things that are unique to that location and can not be found anywhere else in the world!

  2. I loved hiking the Blue Mountains! After the walk down all those steps, just about everyone’s legs were shaking. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air after sitting on the bus for two days, and the views we saw were great. After the hike, we went back on our last bus ride with our amazing guide, Flick, and arrived in Sydney!

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